Christmas has brought festive cheer among people across the globe. The festival is solely significant for the Christian religion followers. However, the celebration has been the global festival nowadays. Lots of touristic countries have taken this festival as possibility for more people to visit their countries. Folks across the globe get ready for Nepal Tour Christmas New Year Holiday Plan.

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Nepal Hiking Himalaya Treks & Expeditions would like to wish all our valued clients and prospective guests a prosperity, good health and success on the auspicious occasion of Christmas. Moreover, approaching New Year 2018 also deserves mentioning on this blog. We would like to urge our patrons on this occasion for the amazing year ahead.

On this auspicious occasion we would like to offer DISCOUNT on any Tours or Trekking activities in Nepal upto 30 %. Grab this opportunity to spend quality time with your near and dear ones in the alluring Nepal. Explore the Himalayas and get acquainted with multi ethnic communities’ culture and traditions.

As a blogger and travel writer of Nepal Hiking Himalaya Treks & Expeditions I would like to personally wish all the patrons a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

It is very interesting that Nepal has always been a Hindu nation even if the new constitution identified Nepal as secular state. About 85% percent of population follow Hinduism as a main religion. However, the country is brimming in festive mood since the start of December.

Lots of malls and shops have offered the festive discounts. Everywhere you can see the colorful lights and Santa-clause dresses. Special red hats and scarfs are everywhere. In touristic places which are nerve center of Nepalese cities like Thamel, Durbarmarg, Pokhara, Chitwan etc. are decorated as a new bride.

People have embraced the celebration of Christmas as important as their religious festival. Such kind of vibrancy could only be seen in Nepal during Dashain and Tihar. These two festivals are the biggest in the country where Hinduism is the main religion.

The clamor in the city and plans of resolution being made among people suggests that Christmas is beyond any religious views. It has been a symbol of globalization and universal acceptance. Trekking and tour agencies of Nepal have also geared for the festive period’s Nepal Tour Christmas New Year Plan.

Visit any places of Nepal. Participate in any forms of traveling in Nepal during Christmas or New Year. Hurry up and utilize the discounts or offers available for holidaying in Nepal.

Make your Nepal Tour Christmas New Year Plan today and explore the majestic Nepal exceptionally.

Nepal Hiking Himalaya would like to welcome all people across the globe to this beautiful Himalayan Nation. Book our trekking, tour, family trips, peak climbing, expedition and customized holiday activities. Contact the travel planners now and get discounts.

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