Nepal trekking is the best way to see the mighty Himalayas. On a trek, you will come close to the massive peaks that form the backbone of Nepal.

Trekking allows more than a simple close-up views of the mountains. It offers the trekker an opportunity to totally immerse themselves in the local culture. Here you will not only see, but get an opportunity to meet and experience the mountain people.

By trekking, you remove yourself from the noise of modern life. In the mountains, you can hear birds singing their songs in the trees. When you trek, you can stop and observe a beautiful butterfly or gaze awestruck at the magnificent alpine views. Life slows down for you to a much more enjoyable pace.

Trails vary from place to place. There are treks that are quite easy, ideal for someone with either limited physical conditions or have never trekked before. Then there are those treks that are quite difficult that take you to incredible new heights. And, of course, there are trails that are in between. Whatever your conditions are, and what challenges you want to tackle trekking agency in Nepal like Nepal Hiking Himalaya with whom i went can help to match up the right trek for you.

Nepal trekking is enjoyable as you breathe fresh mountain air as well you will get Nights can be crisp but daytime temperatures are moderate. Even in high elevations, you will often find yourself trekking in shirtsleeves and shorts.

Every season offers its own beauty. Winter days can be snowy with beautiful blue skies that contrast wonderfully with the white snow capped peaks. Spring has its own charm as rhododendron forests come to life in a myriad of colors. Summer monsoons may be wet, but the sun does shine every day. In monsoon season, there are incredible waterfalls that are only seasonal that leap over the sides of the cliffs. And the autumn season offers some of the best views of the mountains.

A trek is your door to a slower pace of life as you become one with the incredible Himalayas.

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