Trekking in Nepal around the foothills of Himalayas offers the best of nature, culture and adventure that every traveler around the world would love to have. And each year nearly millions of tourists embark in for trekking in Nepal to have this amazing experience. Last year however due to unforeseen situations like devastating earthquake and economic blockade, every sector including trekking in Nepal was severely affected. But this year, Nepal is in recovering state and needs foreign travelers to return and help in rebuilding process. Joining trekking in Nepal this year is one of the most effective way to make an impact for cause while at the same time immerse in the natural beauty enjoying Himalayan holidays.

Here are the top five reasons why you should join trekking in Nepal this year:

1. Experience the best trekking adventures on planet

Make this year one of the most memorable one by experiencing the best trekking

adventures on planet. From popular and renowned Everest base camp trek to

Annapurna circuit to short and easy Ghorepani Poon hill and Dhampus Trekking,

there is always something to offer for every trekking enthusiast regardless age,

fitness level and interest. And the best time to plan for your upcoming Nepal trekking

holiday is now.

2. Enjoy trekking around popular regions avoiding crowd

Spring and autumn seasons during the months of March, April, May and September,

October, November respectively are peak trekking season when popular trekking

trails at Everest and Annapurna are usually filled with large number of foreign

travelers. However, this year you get an exclusive opportunity to experience trekking

adventures with less crowd giving yourself time to enjoy more, see more, visit more

and explore more of nature and culture in relaxed manner.

3. Chance to make an positive impact on local communities

It is said that, “The more you give, the more you have”. And this year is the time that

Nepal needs you the most to offer helping hands towards local beneficiaries. The

money you spent while trekking in Nepal will help the local communities to rise from

the ashes and stand back on their feet in financial terms. In this way, you will have

the chance to enjoy trekking adventures and also in the same time make positive

impact for a good cause.

4. Chance to compare and acknowledge before and after earthquake pictures, inside

stories from locals

For all those travelers who have previously visited Nepal must have witnessed the

cultural and architectural magnificence of UNESCO world heritage sites around

Kathmandu valley. Visiting Nepal this year gives an opportunity to compare and

acknowledge the before and after earthquake scenario. Along with that, having a

chat with locals, listening to their side of story, how they were affected, how they

survived and how they moved on. It will always be a great learning experience for

foreigners while at the same time chance to get deep insights about their cultures,

traditions and lifestyle.

5. Nepal is absolutely safe to visit after earthquake and blockade

Nepal has survived and already came over the last year’s unforeseen contingencies

like earthquake and economic blockade. Naturally blessed and culturally rich

Himalayan country of Nepal is as beautiful and appealing as it always was. National

and International medias, celebrities are visiting Nepal and recommending others to

do the same also proves that Nepal is safe to visit. Therefore Visit Nepal this year

without safety issues and have the memory of lifetime that you will cherish in years

to come.

Among many others, these are the top 5 reasons to visit Nepal this year. So, have you

planned your upcoming trip to Nepal? Start planning now! Happy traveling!

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