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A visa is required for all nationalities apart from India. These can be applied for before travel from the appropriate Nepalese Embassy or consulate; they are valid for six months from the date of issue and valid in Nepal for sixty days. Alternatively you can purchase a visa on arrival (passport photos required) valid for thirty days/extendable. The total time of stay allowed in one calendar year is one hundred and fifty days. We recommend your passport is at least six months from expiry.If you are travelling overland, border immigration offices will also issue a visa.. The following countries however must apply for a visa in their country of origin.Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia, Ethiopia, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan.

Travel Insurance:
Travel Insurance is compulsory for booking any of Nepal Hiking Himalaya tour. If you are trekking or mountaineering it is essential that your insurance covers Helicopter rescue from the mountains in case of Altitude Sickness or other accidents during your trip with cover of at least US$100,000.

Personal effects are exempt from duty including a camera and video camera binoculars film stock and tape recorder. On departure souvenirs can be exported freely but antiques and art objects over a hundred years old need a certificate of clearance from The Department of Archaeology. Travelers who smoke are allowed to carry 200 cigarettes and 20 cigars,one bottle of spirits is also free of duty.

No vaccinations are required, however immunization against cholera tetanus diphtheria typhoid and hepatitis should be seriously considered, please check with your G.P. There are a number of private hospitals and international clinics in Kathmandu that provide good treatment as well as many pharmaceutical outlets where often a prescription is not required. Drugs are made under license either in India or Nepal and are cheaper than comparative drugs in the West. Please contact us if you need advice on immunization.


Nepal runs on a 220-vault system; adapter plugs are required in most cases, these can be bought cheaply in Kathmandu

Automatic Transfer Machines are available in all the major towns of Nepal along with many Government authorized money-changers, credit cards are accepted in a large number of places. There are a range of banks including Standard Charter and Grindstones,inter bank money transfer normally takes around seven days. Fast cash can be transferred via Western Union Money Transfer or Money gram. Currency is the Nepali Rupee.

Postal Services:
Letters generally take around seven to ten days to reach most developed countries,three day computer tracking door to door postal/parcel services are also available i.e. Fed Ex and Sky Net; normal sea (via Calcutta) and air cargo facilities apply.

Dining Out:
Dining out in Kathmandu is a real experience nowadays with the opportunity to sample most of the world’s best cuisine along with some fascinating local dishes. Restaurants range from five star service to simple roadside cafes with a huge range of choice in between.

Nepal has many fine handicrafts; some of the favorite buys are hand knotted woolen carpets, jewelry, woolen knitwear, pashmina shawls, religious paintings, rice paper products, woodcarving and metal work.

5 hrs 45 mins + G.M.T.

Nepal remains a very safe country with theft not common, however like anywhere it pays to make sure you are aware of your bag and belongings. Trying to obtain a police report for insurance purposes can be frustrating.

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