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Kathmandu Base Hiking

Kathmandu Base Hiking

Kathmandu Base Hiking can be done in various trails around the valley. There are numerous beautiful hiking routes in Kathmandu Valley. Chandragiri, Shivapuri, Sundarijal and Chamapadevi are the major hiking in Nepal routes at Kathmandu Valley. Nepal Hiking Himalaya presents spectacular hiking trail for the amusement in short duration of time.

If you are planning for the hiking rather than strenuous trekking in Nepal then Hiking is the best option. You can add the sightseeing trip along with your hiking tour options. UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE sites in Kathmandu valley too can be visited if you are to conduct the hiking around the valley. Chandragiri is very famous and popular destination for the hiking these days. The newly established cable car has added the attraction to this place. The mystical forest and panoramic Mountain Vistas that you can see from this historic hill top would be highlight of the hiking. King Prithvi Narayan Shah planned the unification of Nepal by observing then Malla ruled Kathmandu Valley from the top of Chandragiri hill top. Besides Chandragiri the place like Shivapuri is equally popular. The source of the Bagmati River and green lush forests would provide the spiritual hiking experience. Kathmandu Base Hiking has unique trait of being naturally even if the trail is near to the urban area. Nagarjuna Hill and Champadevi too are very famous among locals and foreigners. The mountain biking tours can also be done in these trails. The bird watching tour is the most significant touring activity which hikers can savor while hiking in Nepal. Witness the local life of the dwellers around the valley and also trek the trail of locals.

Book the Nepal Hiking Himalaya hiking in Nepal trip packages around Kathmandu Valley. Kathmandu Base Hiking can be very worthwhile for the every penny spent for the trip. It is nearest hiking trail which has natural and cultural attractions to enjoy.

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